Productivity, Health & Wellness Coach, International Speaker,
Author and Entrepreneur

I am a Productivity Coach and Advocate for Women Entrepreneurs specializing in 3 Key areas.....

1.Streamline Payroll and Bookkeeping

2.Build Business Credit

3.Empower Women Entrepreneurs to perform at peak leading to Business Growth, Financial Growth and Time Management Mastery.



(336) 800-2114


Career Highlights

*Author of "Action! A guide to awakening your inner boss by taking Action"

*Author of "Girl, get your shit done! The Ultimate Guide to practical productivity strategies for women"

*Founder of WE Startup Network

* Founder of Purpose Driven Black Women

(Community Outreach Organization

*Principle Instructor for Natural Skincare Chick

*Owner of HR Payroll Plus

*Co-Owner of TRI-Accountability